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ActiveDuty – Aston Springs


This devilishly handsome recruit is Aston Springs. He has that look that tells ya he’s trouble…the best kinda trouble!

Aston stands up and pulls down his blue briefs, exposing his cock for the first time on camera, and just for us. He definitely had some nerves, but Aston came in with so much confidence, he eventually starts to relax as he warmed up his dick while sitting back on the couch.

Once he charges up his cock, Aston stands up. Claude gets tight to show us a close up of Aston’s features. I love his body and I can tell Aston has a lot of power. I’m excited to see him come back and mix things up with some fellow recruits.

Aston sits back down and really gets into a nice groove. Claude gets low and close to give us a nice look at Aston’s ass while he jerks his stiff cock. I enjoy seeing his handsome face looking right down at us while we admire his stroking.

Then comes my favorite part of this debut, Aston’s ass! Wow, it’s easy to see that this boy likes his tight hole stimulated. He bends over the couch and slides a finger in and out for us, rubbing up and down. Oh yeah, I think we can fill that up for him!

After the ass play, Aston is charged up and ready to finish himself off. He lays back down on the couch and tugs out a nice, healthy load.

Date: February 1, 2017
Actors: Aston Springs

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