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Pride Studios – Three’s Company


The last time we saw Geo Reigns on CJB, he was bringing up the rear and finishing last in a race to lose his load, and he paid for it with a culinary bonus that he’d rather forget about. But all that is behind him, and now he’s joined by Nick Decker and Damian, two open minded guys who don’t mind sharing the couch with each other. Much more subdued without the threat of a limp biscuit looming over their heads, the guys strip down and spread their legs, each of them taking their cock in hand and commencing to flog. Geo steals a look over at Nick’s cock as Nick strokes away, while Damian is content to lube up and go at it from the corner. Geo shows new form and finishes first, losing his load all over his chest as Nick follows suit and squeezes one out, leaving only Damian to finish, who is in no hurry. Damian slowly teases the head of his lubed-up cock and works his palm up and down its shaft in a playful manner, until he trips something and realizes he’s right on verge of busting his nut, which he does in a milky white explosion, damn near hitting himself in the face as Nick and Geo look on and laugh.


Date: July 26, 2013

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