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CockyBoys – Kevin Crows Jerks Off


That Kevin Crows is at it again. Last time we saw Kevin, he was jerking off in his house all day and shooting two big loads from sunrise to sundown. This time, he proves yet again that he needs the help of no other partners and just likes to jerk off in solitude. Being in front of a full-length mirror didn't help, either, since he was just as turned on looking at his reflection as he was pumping his perfect cock in person.

It seems that Kevin gets turned on by solitude so much that he even took a short walk to the desert to jerk off a second time — is there a place in the world that's more isolated than Joshua Tree National Park? He was getting all hot and sweaty wearing his hiking gear, so he stripped it all off and laid spread eagle on a rock before jerking himself to orgasm a second time in the scorching heat.

These two scenes are definitely unique and very sexy. Kevin's got an amazing body, and you'll enjoy sharing his personal space with him far more than any scene partner could!


Jake Jaxson

Date: September 6, 2013
Actors: Kevin Crows

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