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No Limits, Scene #05


Johnny Hill is bound in a St. Andrews Cross with his mouth gagged by a bridle, anxiously awaiting his fate. Master Dillon Diaz takes gazes at the collection of toys to use on his slave and settles on a flogger. With Johnny still gagged and bound, Dillon flogs the tatted hunk until he begs for mercy. When Dillon feels that Johnny has earned it, he lays down the flogger and pulls down Johnny’s jockstrap and sucks his growing cock. With every part of Johnny’s body at Dillon’s disposal, he backs up on Johnny’s hard cock and fills his ass with it. Johnny can’t do anything except enjoy Dillon’s hole around his cock. Dillon keeps edging Johnny with his hole until Johnny begs to cum, which gets Dillon on his knees to fill up his mouth with Johnny’s load.

Date: December 24, 2020

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