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Fuji Gets Fappin’


Boyish Fuji is one of Japanboyz most popular models of all time, since he makes a powerful connection with viewers that goes straight through the camera to crotches everywhere. Here he’s relaxing on the couch with one hand on his nipple and the other massaging his swelling prick. Under the black fabric of his tight briefs, his tool strains to get out, so he pulls the undies down and gives it a rub. Pumping his hips, he begins stroking. His rosy mushroom head is large and in charge as the camera moves in for a closeup.nnWhen Fuji lies back, he spreads open his lean thighs and we get a hot look at his throbbing pucker. A finger goes down between his leg, starts rubbing little circles across his hungry asshole. His legs spring up and apart when his finger slides in. This handsome Asian stud crouches with jersy briefs hanging from his mouth as he strokes with one hand and fucks himself with the other. He gets a heady sniff of musky crotch smell in his undies and starts beating faster. He tosses his head back and breathes slow and deep. With a moan beautiful Fuji shoots a white creamy load that drips off the head onto his stubbly pubes. He looks into the camera and licks off his cummy fingers.

Date: June 16, 2020

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