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Good Morning, Fuckbuddy!


After a hot, romantic date last night, Higaken and Jougi are cuddled up together in bed. Higaken is first to rouse, tapping on Jougi’s chest to wake him. But his handsome Japanese fuckbud is tuckered out from the evening’s marathon fuck. No worries, Higaken’s still raring to go and takes Jougi’s dick in his mouth to keep the sexy mood going into morning. Like Sleeping Beauty, only with a cock suck instead of a kiss to awake the slumbering prince–Jougi’s up and happy to slurp down Higaken’s hard horny tool.nnHigaken drills a lubed finger into Jougi’s twitching booty, it’s time to plow into his lean handsome buddy. Jougi’s knees are up and apart in no time, and Higaken slides in with a frisky pump. His butt is bobbing as he fills Jougi’s hot hole with thick Asian cock. Now Jougi’s wide awake–funny what a dick in your ass can do! He climbs onto Higaken and grinds his hips down to fill his hungry ass. Higaken’s ready to get off and speeds up, driving his dick in hard and fast. When they lie next to each other, he strokes just a bit before a creamy wad comes splattering out onto his balls and thighs.

Date: June 22, 2020

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