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Hiroya’s Cocky Coercion


In this little Japanboyz fantasy we get to see two of our macho Asian faorites, classically handsome Hiroya and edgy tatted hipster Yusaku, bump their gonads in a hot scenario. Hiroya invites Yusaku over after seeing him on a porn site, insinuating that it would be fun to tell their friends all about it. Yusaku asks him politely NOT to, so Hiroya offers to keep mum about the whole deal if Yusaku gives up his ass as a reward.nnCoaxing Yusaku to join him naked on the bed, Hiroya rolls onto him to press their stiff rods together. Determined to enjoy every inch of his tough little friend, Hiroya moves from slurping Yusaku’s meaty cock to eating out his hot hole. He slathers his fingers with lube and slides them into Yusaku’s butt. Yusaku groans. It may be sneaky blackmail but he’s starting to enjoy every minute. Ass opened and slick, Yusaku gives Hiroya a suck to get his dick stiff and fuck-ready. Yusaku’s talented tongue has Hiroya’s tool hopping around in ecstasy. Just wait till it’s balls deep in that perfect ass! Yusaku lifts and spreads and Hiroya gives him what he’s wanted to for a long time. His mean little trick is turning him on. Hiroya’s smooth bronze dick fits tight into Yusaku, like they were made to be fucking together. Yusaku pinches his buddy’s nips and pulls him forward. When they turn over, still connected ass to dick, it’s getting close to cumsplosion time. Sticky lube is leaking onto Hiroya’s nuts and driving him crazy. He’s pumping in faster and even deeper. When he plows in from behind, Hiroya knows this is IT! They lie next to each other and Hiroya quickly sprays a sweet spermload over himself and his buddy. He stares at Yusaku’s pierced dick as a thick creamy load cums spurting out onto his tight little waist.

Date: September 1, 2020

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