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Tutoring Tomoki’s Booty


New model Tomoki’s interested in hooking up with the best Japanboyz has to offer, and who better to take the new kid to the next level of sexual athleticism than hot muscle hero Hiroya? The sex lesson starts as they shower, as Hiroya and Tomoki swap tongues and make out. On the bed and squeaky clean in their undies, Hiroya grinds his swelling tool into Tomoki’s crotch. He deftly strips them both naked then gives a master class lesson in sucking cock to the new boy.nnThese two gorgeous Asian studs spark a strong chemistry, Hiroya burying his face in Tomoki’s hungry ass. He slides a slick lubed finger in, works his hole then stands for Tomoki to suck him to maximum stiffy. Once it’s straining hard, he bends Tomoki’s legs back and drills in deep, Cocksman Hiroya remembers to stroke his new buddy’s cock, keep him hard and horny through the fuck. For his part, Tomoki spreads his legs wide and pays close attention to every deep thrust. Hiroya’s teaching him to be a great lay. He plows the younger stud in every position, finally nailing his ass from behind while Tomoki beats his dick frantically. He turns him onto his back, finds the magic spot where Tomoki gets a hot load fucked right out of him. Hiroya then jerks a steamy splash into his face and the adept new kid licks up every drop.

Date: October 27, 2020

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