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From The Vault – Did You Fuck My Wife?


Dimitri Kane arrives on his sleek motorcycle at David Banjamin’s house and has a bone to pick with him about his wife and their friendship. Dimitri is stressed out and they both sit on the couch to talk about what’s wrong. David has a concerned look in his eyes and Dimitri tells him that he thinks he’s been fucking his wife behind his back. They have been friends for only a few months but they hit it off very well and his wife was the one who introduced them. David can’t believe that he thinks he would do something like that and tries to reassure him that he hasn’t fucked her. Dimitri demands some kind of proof but David tells him that he’s gay and would never touch her. He keeps telling Dimitri that he likes men and even goes to lengths saying that he’ll suck his dick just to prove it. Dimitri suddenly agrees to it and David jumps on it and starts to deep throat him. At first he thinks maybe he really is gay but he needs all the proof he can get. David worships his cock until he is ready to be fucked by Dimitri to prove even more that he likes hard cocks deep in his ass. Dimitri goes full throttle and takes his ass in multiple positons.


Date: June 5, 2020

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