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Next Door Studios – BarBack Fuck


Marc Williams and Tone have just about had it at this hot ass club, where the days turn into nights and the work never seems to end. Getting ready for the night’s opening one afternoon, they decide to take five and cool off with a cold one. Right on cue, club owner Astengo walks in and catches them loafing around. With tensions mounting, Astengo makes a remark of letting them both go, which is just the excuse Marc & Tone are looking for.“If you’re gonna fire us, then we might as well fuck you…” Marc exclaims. And just like that, the two of them have the club owner pressed against the bar and start tearing his clothes off. Moved to extended couch, Astengo quickly finds himself double stuffed with dick as Marc and Tone take turns fucking his mouth. Marc moves to the back and starts eyeing Astengo’s ass, which he penetrates while Astengo chokes on Tone’s cock. Like a pig on a spit, Astengo is now double stuffed with pole from both ends, and then they switch places before positioning their former boss for a double cum shot all over him, his club and his shitty work environment. Take this job and shove it, indeed!

Date: November 15, 2012
Actors: Astengo / Marc Williams / Tone

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