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Uk Hot Jocks – Sharp – BTS


Sharp Shooting! We had a bundle of fun producing this feature, it was the first movie to be shot in our brand new studio space and time was really against us! We went for a retro deconstructed, gentlemen's lounge kinda feel. An perfectly normal concept to come up with! Then I (JP) put all the guys in crisp, new suits… and it just kind of worked! For me details like the shape of the patchy plasterwork/brickwork, coupled with the deerskin rug on a bright white floor, tied the whole thing together, in an almost cloud-like formation! I missed my calling as an interior designer, clearly. I also happened to be moving house at the time… so all of the furniture is actually mine! Anyway, enough about my excellent taste. The boys had a riot shooting this, porn boys don't always have an excuse to wear a suit so it's a bit of a novelty… and damn do they look good! They are models after all. Enjoyed watching us piece this one together, it was a movie of many factions, broken concepts with a hard dollop of style and scorching hot sex. Sharp as fuck!

Date: April 19, 2017

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