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UK Naked Men – Jason Smith and Mitchell Philips


Its Christmas and its not just your stockings that are being filled to the brim ( – I hope but then that depends on wether you've been naughty or nice?!) Mitchell Philips is all being filled to the limit with a very thick, veiny, bareback dick and some steamy jizz. Mitchell is an eager beaver when its comes to cock and he can't wait to get down on this juicy joint, dark, a real donkey dick and uncut of course. Yum! And when he's done slurping on that meat he gingerly spreads his cheeks and lowers himself onto its pulsating, raw glory, feeling his hot, muscle hole, open and rippled around the head, swallowing it up as his hungry sphincter, squeaks and slides down the shaft until he's taking the whole length. DOUBLE YUM !!

Date: January 4, 2019

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