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Active Duty Favorites: Dink’s Infamous Latrine, Scene #01


Over the years the bathroom has played a major role in many of my videos. In fact, in just about every early solo of mine, while I was guest-directing for the Dirk Yates Private Collection, things always ended out with the guy taking a shower after he’d gotten off. Dirk Yates said that they had originally planned on cutting these segments out of those videos altogether, but it dawned on him that the shower endings were kind of a signature that made it mine.

The name ‘Dink Flamingo’ came as a result of one of those early solos while filming a hot, muscular alpha male who went by the stage name ‘Ronnie Vance’ in a shower scene. Ronnie was a hardcore soldier who would eventually work his way up through the Special ranks and don the coveted Green Beret. When I was working with Ronnie he was just a rowdy Ranger who hailed from Boston–thick Bostonian accent intact! While filming Ronnie in the shower one day he slipped and fell. Unharmed he stood up, shook it off and said, ‘God Damn, Dink, you need to get some of those stickers to go on the bottom of the tub before someone breaks their fucking neck!’ I shot back, ‘Should I get fish or flamingos?’ He thought for a minute and suddenly his eyes lit up like he’d solved some complicated math problem and he said, ‘Fucking flamingos. That’s what I’m gonna start calling you, Dink fucking Flamingo.’ Since Dink had been my nickname all my life, that part made sense. Dirk Yates had been bugging me to come up with a directing name because they would be releasing my first volume of guest-directed solos (DYPC #89) soon so it settled that, too. From there forward I would be known as ‘Dink Flamingo’.

I think my obsession with bathroom sex is probably because some of the first gay sex I ever had myself was in a bathroom or fantasies that stemmed from watching other guys in the showers in high school. These early memories of bathroom fun would carry over into my work so much so that the bathroom featured in the scenes here was built especially for porn. From the lack of glass surrounding the shower to the convenient steps and huge tiled box between the shower and the Jacuzzi tub, it was designed to lend itself to shoots where multiple positions could be achieved. The original bathroom that was gutted and remodeled can be seen in the Cole, Granger and CJ scene. Aside from multiple coats of different colors of paint, that redesign has stood the test of time and I would imagine it’s one of the most recognizable bathrooms in all of gay porn.

00:07Jake & Tatum
03:38Orion & Riley
06:57Niko & Tito
09:09Julian & Niko
11:41Cole, Granger and CJ
15:28Andre & Niko
19:12Gannon & Morgan
22:21Marty & Silas
24:51Bric & Nick
27:32Carson, Dustin & Zander

Date: December 15, 2021

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