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ActiveDuty – Alex & Kyle


We open on Alex and Kyle already buck naked, stiff as boards, watching the porno off camera. Now this scene was shot a little while back, so Mike’s nerves are still in full bloom — unlike his more recent scenes where he’s a bit more in take-charge mode. He hesitantly asks the guys if they need water or something to drink — almost in a whisper. Hell, we’re wondering if Mike is being quiet because he’s in a house with paper-thin walls where he neighbors can hear all the men pounding one another. lol.

After a spell, Alex leans over and tentatively starts sucking off Kyle. Now Kyle’s got a pretty big dick, and you can tell Alex isn’t used to blowing anything that big (or frankly, anything at all). Remember, these are real straight men messing around, so they aren’t pros. Alex lets up on the sucking and Kyle grabs Alex’s dick to stroke it to life. It’s not more than 30 seconds before his semi-soft dick goes to rock hard. I guess Kyle’s hand did the trick, eh? Soon enough, the guys move into a 69 position on the bed, so they can more easily access one another’s dicks. Now, Kyle doesn’t suck Alex, but he does keep on jerking him off while Alex continues to quietly work over Kyle. Just wait until you see the load Kyle jerks out of Alex — it spews all over his chest. Clearly, Alex is the strong-and-silent type where his load perhaps even surprised himself. Following that, Alex takes Kyle into his own hands to jerk out his own load and then it’s a wrap!

Date: October 17, 2012
Actors: Alex / Kyle

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