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ActiveDuty – Bill II, Scene #01


‘You really look nervous, Bill,’ guest director Mike says, chuckling, as our new find, Bill, appears before the camera.

Bill laughs a little bit, and Mike asks, ‘Is this something new for you?’ Bill quickly responds with an affirmative: ‘Yep.’

The super cute (and strapping) Bill stands 6’1′ tall and weighs around 180 lbs. He’s a Chicago boy and enjoys playing video games and ‘getting drunk.’ The ‘usual random bullshit,’ he says.

Mike asks Bill if he has any questions, and Bill says he doesn’t. So Mike encourages him to put on a good show for him and let’s him get down to it.

Bill certainly seems nervous, but his cuteness wins over everything. If Mike is able to lure Bill back for another round, we might see him break out of his shell a little bit more!

By the time all is said and done, Mike asks if Bill will want to come back and play some more, and Bill smiles and says, ‘Yes, I will.’ Well alright!

Date: October 15, 2014
Actors: Bill II

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