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ActiveDuty – Brock & Tim


Guest director Mike opens the scene, as we watch his camera fixed on the handsome Tim and a returning familiar face in Brock.

Mike tells the guys, from off-camera, ‘You guys met the other day… approached you both (to) see if you guys maybe wanted to do a scene together, and you both seemed to be OK with that.’

And here we are! That didn’t seem to take much convincing on Mike’s part, now did it?

Mike lets the guys go and they control where the scene goes. It’s all about Tim showing Brock (and his cock) some love, Tim and his abs-of-death suck Brock.

After some mutual jerking, Tim goes down on Brock and we get to see Tim’s bodacious ass from behind. My god, his body just won’t quit! Brock gives Tim a bit of a handjob while we watch the proceedings from the rear. Really, we could stay in this position all night long — it’s just that pretty.

I’ll let you see how the rest of the scene pans out, but I will tell you this: Tim’s rippling abs end up with a pool of his own juices in them. So you have *that* to look forward to!

Date: April 26, 2014
Actors: Brock MB / Tim II

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