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ActiveDuty – Dean, Scene #01


Dean’s a tall one, standing at 6’4′ and he weighs in at 200 lbs. The Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. native jokes about how its so easy for him to lose weight, as he once was a bit heavier, at 220 lbs. But the pounds melt off, he says, laughing: ‘curse these good genes!’

We get to talking about his time back in high school, and how he went to an ‘all boys correctional facility.’ He says he was always the smallest kid among a bunch of ‘punks’ and ‘bullies.’ He tells us about how he put a kid in the hospital (after he did something pretty rotten to Dean), which in turn almost got Dean himself kicked out of school.

After getting to know Dean for a spell, we get his top off so we can check out his built chest and inked-up body. Dean knows what he’s doing, and after his jeans come off, he off to the races, working over his dick with two hands. If you like low-hanging balls, you might take a shine to Dean, I’m just saying.

We make sure to get lots of great angles of the gent, from all sides — especially some wonderful shots where he’s standing up in front of a full length mirror. And wouldn’t you know it, that’s where he shoots his load — all over his own reflection (and we get to see the whole thing unfold from down below, under his legs). Watch for how Dean finishes off the scene, banging his still hard (but spent) dick against the mirror, drawing a little smiley face with his load. Classic.

Date: August 8, 2012
Actors: Dean II

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