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ActiveDuty – Drew & Robby – Oral


Meet Robby! Now, when the scene opens, the well-built dude is sitting on the sofa, and Mike is shooting the breeze with him, telling Robby how he keeps coming back for more solos. And today, he’s going to shoot another one. (Mind you, we’ve yet to post a solo with Robby, so this is the first time you’re seeing him.)

Mike says he’s got Robby here to ‘rub another one out’ — for the upteenth time — because he likes watching him and the ‘huge fucking loads’ he shoots out. Now, if that isn’t motivation, I don’t know what is.

As it turns out, Robby is pals with Drew — as in, they know one another outside of their work with Mike. Robby discovered that Drew was doing work for Mike … but wasn’t freaked out by it. So, Mike suggests to Robby that Drew could help him out today, and Robby is open to the idea. Drew then slides up next to Robby on the sofa and … away we go!

‘You like that dick?’ Robby asks Drew. ‘Mmmhmm,’ Drew says as he sucks Robby. ‘You should taste them balls, too.’ And that Drew does. ‘How’d they taste?’ Robby asks. ‘They’re some big balls,’ Drew responds as he goes back to slurping down Robby’s cock.

You’ll have to see how things turn out on your own, but I have the feeling we’ll be seeing more of Robby in the future …

Date: June 4, 2014
Actors: Drew / Robby

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