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ActiveDuty – Eli, Scene #01


Meet our latest War Chest discovery, Eli! He’s 22-years old and stands 6’1′ and weighs in at a thin 157 lbs. While the Alabama native says he didn’t play sports back in high school, he does mention some other recreational activities that he enjoyed during his school days. (But I’ll let you watch to find out more about that.)

He talks a little about his first sexual experience as well, saying he was 15-years old at the time, and it all went down in the back of his Dad’s truck. (How many guys lost their virginity in the back of their parents’ car I wonder?) Major Wood jokes about how Eli must have tooled around the neighborhood, and all of the women were just jumping into the car left and right.

Major Wood gets Eli up and out of his clothes — well, Major Wood doesn’t physically do this, of course, lol. But Eli slips off his shirt, revealing a couple of colorful tattoos on his thin torso. Eli laughs when Major Wood says that he’s got an ‘Alabama farm boy’ look going on. I guess there’s a bit of ‘aw shucks’ in Eli’s personality — and it comes through in his scene.

Once Eli is completely naked, he starts to put on a show for us, stroking his good-sized dick and letting us see all of his body. Major Wood gets in close — close enough that we can see Eli fingering his ass while he jerks off. The fingers work so well, that he ultimately shoots his load while fingering himself (this comes later — I don’t want you to think the scene is that short! lol).

Eli says he had a ‘great time,’ and I get the feeling we might see him again around these parts!

Date: May 21, 2014
Actors: Eli

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