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ActiveDuty – Jake Bane


Today’s recruit is a tall hunk of a man who really wants to impress you so he can come back and get down and dirty with one of our vets. Jake is 6 foot 4, weighs 205lbs of hunk and a ripe young age at 26. When Jake isn’t in our studio testing out his limits he’s usually working on his skills in the MMA world. By the time he is fully naked his long legs are spread far and wide showcasing his muscles in every direction as he pulls up and down on his thick cock. His big manly hands grip his thick shaft as he eye fucks the camera. You can see the definition in his extremely strong legs as he plays with himself. His slight moans of enjoyment bring him ever so closer to his release that he has been building up for us all to see. His long legs lay out in front of us as he beats his dick faster. Finally his balls are full and he gives Claude the cue that his nut is about to release and with a few more strong gripped strokes on his sexy thick dick he erupts with pleasure as that creamy nut shoots all over his wide built chest.

Date: April 19, 2017
Actors: Jake Bane

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