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ActiveDuty – Kenny 1


Nashville boy Kenny is the focus of tonight’s War Chest Update, brought to you by our pal Mike. Now Kenny comes across as the strong, silent type — but we’re chalking that up to nerves. In the first of his two scenes that we’re posting tonight, Kenny is sporting a buzz cut and is dressed in a black T-shirt and blue jeans.

Off the T-shirt comes, revealing a toned, smooth torso thats inked up with some interesting designs. Wait until you see his dog tags — I mean, the ones that are tattooed on his chest. There’s no way he’ll ever lose those suckers. Kenny is focused on the ever-growing erection in his boxers, but soon enough, he whips them off to reveal his stuffy.

Mike asks him if he’s been hit on by guys before, and he says he has. But he also says he’s never done anything with a guy — but hey, we’ll see about that.

Mike gets him up onto the bed and can’t resist copping a feel — which very may well be the first time Kenny has had another man touch his dick. Kenny flips over onto the bed and spreads his ass cheeks open so we can see his hole (and watch Mike roam a bit with his own finger). Before long, Kenny is jerking out a gooey load. Mike asks him afterwards, ‘still nervous?’ as he inspects Kenny’s freshly-spent dick. Mike asks him if he can come back later in the day for another round, but he suggests the next day after work instead. And that’s where the second part of the War Chest Update comes in.

Date: September 26, 2012
Actors: Kenny

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