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ActiveDuty – Luke Thomas


Luke Thomas has amazing skin and a very pretty face with a bad boy attitude. He doesn’t have much body hair and he only has two tattoos. He’s tall with thick well-built thighs and a lean muscular body with a thick cock any one of our elites would love to taste. He has a vein that goes right down the middle of his hard cock that pulses with each stroke he gives. Luke is a quiet guy as he strokes every inch of his hard cock but the close he gets to climax you can hear his breathing begin to pick up. Luke likes to stroke his dick slowly and all the way up and down. He’s a fan of edging himself. You can see all of Luke’s body as he lies out on our couch with his legs spread. He never stops stroking that hard dick and as Claude moved in for a close-up Luke began to shoot his load straight up and out of his cock. All the cum ended up all over his smooth ripped chest and he was extremely relieved to get that nut out. Enjoy!

Date: August 15, 2018
Actors: Luke Thomas

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