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ActiveDuty – Rossi


Rossi has a very welcoming smile and his dark skin with star tattoos is extremely sexy. He doesn’t have much hair on his fit body but it’s in all the right places and in a perfect amount for those that like a little fur. His balls are big and full with a really fat cock that looks great hard. He strokes it slowly while rubbing his chest and you can see it grow in thickness right before your eyes. Once it’s throbbing hard he continues to stroke it picking up speed as he enjoys himself on our AD couch. Rossi has a great attitude and he loves to explore so we hope he wants to explore some more of what AD has to offer him. We know we could set him up with an amazing partner that would blow him away. You can see his balls grow as his nut is building inside and once Claude comes in for a very sexy close up Rossi gives the cue and he shoots a thick and I mean thick creamy load all over his own cock. It oozes out all over his hard dick and down his balls.Enjoy!

Date: June 6, 2018
Actors: Rossi

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