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ActiveDuty – Zane II – Solo, Scene #01


Tonight’s War Chest Update features a brand new fella named Zane. He’s a young looking 25-year old fella who is in front of the camera for the very time. The Tennessee boy stands about 6’1′ tall and weighs 170 lbs. (and he’s got a cute accent, as director Kaden points out). Zane enjoys playing basketball and mixed martial arts (you’ll see his body is toned from the athletics that he enjoys, clearly). Kaden asks Zane how to describe Tennesseans, and if they are ‘southerners.’ Zane laughs, and jokes that they are ‘southern redneck.’

Kaden lures out some information from Zane, finding out that he ‘tries’ to jerk off at least twice a day. ‘Helps me take a rest at night,’ Zane says.

Well, Zane is going to take a nap well after this scene — where he dirty talks to the camera, fingers his hole, and tells us how he wants to fuck that ‘ass.’ We’ll see what ass — if any — he fucks in the future… But in the meantime, check out Zane’s first solo for us in the War Chest.

Date: April 2, 2014
Actors: Zane II

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