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Bradley Hayes


Once the introduction is finished Bradley Hayes begins to take his clothes off revealing his thick cock. He begins to rub his body and as he watches some porn his dick begins to grow and become even thicker. He jumps onto our bed and continues to stroke his meaty cock as his legs are spread. Bradley has an amazing smooth body and just about no hair anywhere on this sexy man. You can see his tight little hole as he strokes his big thick dick with his legs spread. He pulls and tugs fast on his cock as his full balls bounce around. Bradley was stroking so fast that Claude wasn’t expecting him to blow a hot load so quick but luckily we got the shot. He gets back onto the bed after standing for so long stroking his thick dick. Once he’s back on the bed legs spread wide and comfortable he lubes up some more and begins to tug away on his balls pulling them down as far as they can go. He jumps back up into a standing position and lets Claude get one amazing underneath shot and it shows just how smooth and sexy Bradley’s hole really is. Bradley has his balls full again and this time he gives us the word that he’s about to blow so we move in for the shot and he unleashes his second warm load of cum all over his smooth ripped chest. Enjoy!

Date: October 17, 2018
Actors: Bradley Hayes

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