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Dink Presents: Sebastian Woods


This is a very exciting day for me and It’s been a long time coming. Recently I traded in the tractor and the Carhartt coveralls for my more spiffy Tommy Bahama leisure wear. I hopped in the Jaguar and headed for the alluring lights of my local Walmart. Some of you know that when I sold Active Duty I bought a farm in my home state of North Carolina. I’m sure man of you are saying, ‘Why, bitch?’ and I understand completely. If there was ever anyone who seemed less suited for hoeing the rows, it would certainly be me. Now, hoeing in a completely different sense of the term would be right up my alley. More along the lines of whoring like a hooker on shore leave, that is. In fact, in recent months, I thought about that everyday out there on the farm. I spent a lot of time thinking about the old days. The days of Active Duty and all the fun we had. And, for those of you who remember me, I thought a lot about you, too! I missed the camaraderie that we’d built here over the 17 years that I dedicated to the mission that would define Active Duty. The mission was simple really. To create a place where military men and those who loved, admired and lusted after them could come together and feel part of something greater than themselves.

A few trips to my local Walmart later and I had a handful of hotties ready to lay it all on the line. My old recruiting game was right on point. My mission to find ‘a few good men’ turned out to be a platoon of Paratroopers! How fitting that was since fearless Paratroopers are what started it all here at AD. To paraphrase a journalist friend of mine who once wrote, ‘Paratroopers are no pussies when it comes to dick!’ And who better to know that than Mark Simpson himself who had flown across the pond from England to do a story on us for Details magazine and as part of his ‘research’, thanks to some gentle prodding of my own, ended up in the middle of two paratroopers in a scorching threesome that ended up on the DVD, ‘Call Of Duty’.

So, after all the reminiscing about AD, and the luck I was having at the local Wall World, I had to reach out to someone here at Active Duty and see if they’d be interested in sharing some of my most recent recruits with you. It didn’t take long for me to get a response from the new Active Duty production crew. Major Woods and Private Parker were right on it. They must have felt so sorry for me. It had been quite a while since I picked up a camera. I pulled my old trusty dusty camera out of the closet and called myself ‘back in action’ By this time all my lights were probably being used out in one of the barns or pump houses here on the farm and it had been awhile since I’d framed a shot! Major Woods and Private Parker came to the rescue and shipped me a new camera out right away. But I’d already filmed several scenes before receiving their gracious gift. And, thanks to the subject matter in each of those, throwing them out never to be seen certainly wasn’t an option. At least not one that I could live with. So, I’m going to ask you to be patient as we work through the first handful of videos I shot with old reliable until we begin to release the newer scenes shot in 4K with the highfalutin rig my new comrades were kind enough to send me.

So, here I am to share with you the very first of my new finds, shot with a camera almost as old as me, and I just turned 50 the other day. There’s a couple of blurry spotsin the first few scenes that kinda remind me of my vision these days! And, you’ll probably notice at times that I’m about as nervous as I was the first time I filmed anything. The true beauty here though are the fellows in them are all super sexy. Sebastian is a super hottie and he’s hung like a donkey. He’s a real sweetheart, too. Lucky for us, he’s already crossed the line and put in some Extra Duty for us here at Active Duty and nothing thrills me more. Stay tuned for that. In the meantime get up close and personal with Sebastian in what was actually his second scene. His very first scene will follow soon as a ‘bonus’ scene in the weeks to come. I’ll start stopping by here at Active Duty every so often if you’ll still have me and share my finds with you. After these last few of weeks, I think I could get used to this again!

Date: May 26, 2021
Actors: Sebastian Woods

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