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LeeRoy Jones


His calm attitude and gentle smile is a man who you need by your side on the field of battle. LeeRoy Jones will have your back in more ways than one. He has to use two hands majority of the time to keep that thick dick tamed while he strokes it. LeeRoy has mild body hair and only a couple chest tattoos with some big low hanging balls that block our view of his sexy hairy hole but I think if we get him to come back he will reveal lots more to us. His ever so quiet moans keep your eyes focused on the thick dick action as he lubes up and slides his firm hands up and down his thick cock. Once he lies out on the bed in his comfortable position his hands pick up speed stroking quicker and quicker while he spits on his throbbing thick cock to keep it sliding with ease. His balls twitch as now they are full and ready to explode like a loose grenade. He pulls the pin and blasts a warm load of thick cum all over his inked chest as multiple blasts cover a great distance of his now cum on chest.

Date: November 21, 2018
Actors: LeeRoy Jones

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