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Blacks on Boys – Pierce Paris & Parker Payne


What do you do when you’re a freaky, horny bi-curious boi…and your girlfriend is out of town? Well, if you’re Pierce Paris, you join a “hookup app”, get on your phone, and start searching for a way to relieve your heavy balls. Enter Parker Payne. He’s a handsome black man with a “bubble butt” that’s meant for well-hung white bois to pound. But Pierce, at the last minute, has reservations. He’s not “really gay”, and maybe it’s best to keep fantasies just that — a fantasy! Parker has a different agenda. “Let me just suck your dick,” Parker says. “Besides, if I just suck your dick, it isn’t gay!” Pierce accepts Parker’s offer, and he’s shocked at Parker’s oral skills. “You’re better than my girlfriend at that!” Pierce decides “what the heck?!?” and goes for it. He can’t believe how tight Parker’s sweet ass wraps around his engorged cock! Pierce rails Parker in all sorts of different ways before unloading his sweet juice on Parker’s face. That makes Parker so hot, he jerks his beautiful black dick until it erupts, too! The only thing these two need to figure out now is how to work their newfound relationship without Pierce’s girlfriend discovering it!!

Date: March 30, 2020

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