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Alec Loob – Kieran Karlsson


Brand new boy Kieran Karlsson is getting the kind of welcome every boy needs when Alec Loob finds him in the bedroom with his impressive cock bulge hanging out of his pants. The introduction isn't complicated, it's obvious the sexy young man intended to entice a boy into his room and with a little groping and some very welcomed kisses the two are soon ready for some BoyFun.

The two make a handsome pair, there's no doubt about that, but the sight only becomes more attractive as clothes come off and the two focus their attention on those hard young dicks.

Kieran is soon showing that he's a skilled dick slurper, lovingly sucking on the taste boner presented to him. His own rigid youthful inches are just as delicious, as Alec soon discovers while greedily returning the favor.

With the boy's ass up in the air and some light fingering and licking to ease him open the new arrival is quickly ready for the real raw thing. Alec thrusts his naked inches up into his new pal, humping the gorgeous boy's ass in a sweet spooning position before going at that rump from behind.

Kieran is loving it, that's obvious. Face down and on his back too the boy receives the full welcome package, made to spurt his gooey mess over his tight abs before Alec unleashes his own massive spurting mess of repeat-fire cum all over the boy.

Date: March 11, 2020

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