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Jake Olsen – Alec Loob


Every teen these days knows that if you want to find some fit and curious twinks to share your cock with the skate park is one of the best places to be. Alec Loob might not be too good with his board, but he's not really there to show off his lack of skills, he's there to get the attention of long-haired boy Jake Olsen. His flailing seems to do the trick and while Jake might have originally considered just giving the boy some tips on his learning method he's soon following the twink back to his place for some dirty BoyFun! Alec might not be great on wheels, but when it comes to sucking on big uncut cocks he's had plenty of practice. The boys make out, revealing their incredible young dicks, jerking each other off and swapping oral with obvious delight. Jake's incredible dick is so long and slender, so tasty too, and with just a little taste Alec is desperate for more. There's no denying that these boys are well-matched in the cock department, and in their skills at pleasuring a wet young piece of fuckmuscle too! With their young swinging balls slowly filling with cum to squirt Alec is eager to get that big bare boner up his butt, laying back to welcome his new friend inside. The smooth and slim twinks ae quickly in heaven, their moans of bliss filling the room while adorable Jake gives his friend a ride on his uncut shaft. With their balls bouncing and their dick tips almost dripping pre in anticipation of the climax to come the two break for a moment of ass-to-mouth oral, then it's right back to the hole filling action they've come to love so much. Pounded from behind and with the pleasure becoming too much to bear Alec squirts over his stomach, the sight and smell of fresh semen enough to have Jake pulling his incredible dick out and wanking his own erupting cream from his shaft! Maybe Alec should forget the skateboard and stick to fucking, it's where his innate skills are!

Date: October 26, 2018

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