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Jake Olsen – Casper Ivarsson


Those of an older generation will likely remember the days of grainy VHS tapes and stolen porn magazines from the close of a good friend's dad, but these days boys like Jake Olsen have it all far easier. It's literally delivered right to their phones, a billion awesome movies and photos to stroke along to. He's kicking back and enjoying a little afternoon self pleasure, stroking his rigid uncut cock while watching some hot BoyFun action, when lucky friend Casper Ivarsson arrives to catch him in the act. Surprisingly Jake isn't at all distracted by the presence of his handsome buddy, but then again who would be? Within moments the fit young arrival is convincing his hung little buddy to give up the phone for something more, and it goes without saying that Jake is down to get the real thing. The two begin with a little oral and stroking, their stiff erections soon glistening with spit and precum while the two trade blowjobs and strip naked. It's a delicious sight to see, but it's only the start of the fun these two are planning. With Jake's big dick solid and demanding more, and Casper's slightly hairy jock hole eager to take it, the boy eases his naked length inside. Casper's jock-strapped-ass takes it deep from behind, and even when he impales his tight fuckhole down on the boy's cock he's letting his little pal fuck him from below, enjoying the feeling of some experienced bareback thrusting from the lad. As their moans of pleasure become more insistent the two move to the floor for some deep anal penetration, Casper gets it good on his back, then hops back up for a little more riding, hitting that sweet spot and resulting in a mess of hot milky goo pumping from his cock to decorate his tight abs! With his buddy's balls purged of cream all that remains is for young Jake to add to the mess, pulling his raw cock free to wank his own juices out in a splashing climax to double the mess coating his buddy's hot body. Looks like these two pals will be watching more porn together soon!

Date: February 11, 2019

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