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Jake Olsen – Noah Pierce


Maxxie and Alex are gossiping about Jake by the pool and trying to work out whether he's into guys or not. Of course he is, or at least he's not going to turn down some good BoyFun when he can get it.

Noah is the boy to prove young Jake's curious nature, finding the handsome long-haired lad preparing something hearty to eat and making an entirely blatant move. The sexy twink might protest and make clear he's into girls but the pretense of his argument doesn't last long, he's soon inviting his new friend to explore his smooth and tight body.

The boys explore each other, their hands sliding over warm young flesh while they strip, Jake's incredible uncut cock soon out of his pants and slipping between Noah's hungry lips.

His own man-sized dick is equally impressive, and equally tasty for a hungry young guy like Jake, his mouth slurping on the pink tool in return for the loving his own long pole has enjoyed.

With their appetites growing Noah offers his hung young friend the ultimate treat, bending over and presenting his pale ass for Jake to ease his bareback length into. Even if Jake is technically straight he can't deny such an opportunity, sliding in and fucking his new friend from behind before sitting back and giving Noah a deep ride on his raw dong.

The final thrusting on the table takes both boys to the limit, Jake's smooth little butt pumping as he humps his cock in and out of Noah's tight pucker, making the boy launch hot cream from his dick in a big display before pulling his own length out and drenching his bottom boy's hole with fresh cream, sliding his gooey inches right back into him.

Gay, straight, curious… it doesn't matter anymore, boys like Jake are just down to have fun.

Date: November 22, 2019

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