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Tommy Hunter – Gregor Gilead


Gregor Gilead and Tommy Hunter have a chance meeting in the street, cruising each other as they pass, swapping a quick expression so subtle any voyeur watching them could easily miss it. With their language of lust enticing them both they quickly returning to Tommy's apartment for some spontaneous BoyFun, immediately meeting in a lip-locking embrace. The handsome host gives his new friend a little loving smooch but it's quickly clear that what he's really after is the length of stiff boy meat between his buddy's legs. Gregor has a delicious cock, that's obvious from the way good-looking Tommy worships it with such hunger, bobbing up and down on the juicy tool while the hung young man leans back on the couch and enjoys all the attention. Of course, one good sucking deserves another, and within short time Gregor is feasting on the generous portion of fuckmeat Tommy has to offer in return, showing that he's certainly no slouch when it comes to pleasuring dick. Their exchange of tongue lapping pleasure can only lead to an inevitable butt stuffing, and it seems young Gregor is more than capable when it comes to having his smooth little pucker stretched. Tommy fills his friend with his inches of wet and naked cock, fucking the boy on his side then giving the young man a ride on his awesome bareback length, finally fucking Gregor on his back until his smooth and tight body is ready to be decorated with semen. Tommy stands over his smooth young twinky friend, wanking his thick tool and launching a splashing mess of hot cum over the boy, almost instantly triggering young Gregor's climax in appreciation and leaving his slim frame dripping with jizz.

Date: November 29, 2018

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