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Butch Dixon – John Barber and Vince Hill


I've been trying to get my hands on this hottie for a while, of course we LURVE hot, dirty blonde – Vince Hill, but there's a lot more than beard envy with John Barber, oh oh oh, just look at this stud, rrrriped, hung, burly, bear and beardy. I couldn't wait for these lads to get stuck in and John really does get stuck 'all-the-way-in'. Vince was a eager as I was to get down and suck on that juicy joint, get it good and rigid and get on his back, legs up ready to be impaled. John luvs the attention, he's a born show off and the idea of all those eager eyes at home is a huge turn on for him – everybody wins on this hot dish. Vince didn't have to be told about trying different positions he wanted that bareback, uncut piece of meat every way we could serve it. Yum!

Date: December 2, 2019

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