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Butch Dixon – John Connery, Alan Knight and Valentin Alsina


When Bad Santa (John Connery) returns to find his horny helpers covered in cum, he lays down the law, but the elves turn the tables and soon Santa's getting his ho-ho-hole double penetrated and is sprayed with six hot jets of cum. It's his whitest xxxmas ever! Uncut cocks and hairy nuts are all around him and he surrenders himself to a feast of foreskin and the scent of arousal and the push of hard meat against his puckered hole, then, while he's riding the hard pole, another cock is pushing into him and he's being stretched to capacity, taking both cocks deep inside with a that's somewhere between agony and ecstasy. What starts as our most hilarious trilogy of scenes, ends as our hottest of 2011, with six hung and hairy uncut guys sucking and fucking each other. John Connery, very much a top, somehow ended up being bottom to Valentin, who'd never topped on video and Alan Knight – at the same time… When John decides to do something, he goes all the way… so this scene is full of hot surprises. In this final scene, John Connery, Alan Knight and Valentin Alsina are joined by the three guys from scene 2 for a six-man cum-drenched ending. A whiter xxxmas you’re unlikely to see, and what a way to lead us towards a hot, horny 2012.

Date: April 5, 2014

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