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Butch Dixon – John Connery and Alec Hill


John Connery in the role he was born to play, with Alec Hill as his dirty play mate.Our shopping mall has a Santa's Grotto and in it should be Santa, but he's nowhere to be seen, and the queue is getting longer… the mall manager calls Santa's cell to ask where he is… The mall manager will soon notice there's an elf missing too – the one that's greedily munching on Santa's fat uncut dick in the restroom stall. Horny elf Alec can't get enough festive stuffing and is soon riding Santa like he only cums once a year. We’ve had a few firsts in recent shoots; Johnny Hazzard cumming hands-free twice while being fucked, for example, and here's another. Alec Hill looks a little unsure when John reaches around and starts rubbing his cock while still fucking him… a minute or so later, after he's sprayed cum everywhere, Alec declares well that's never happened before! I guess he's never been in such good hands as John's before

Date: April 5, 2014

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