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Butch Dixon – Thomas Graziano and Pablo Hierro


We're scrubbing and scrubbing but we can't get these boys clean, its a warm welcome back for Tomas Graziano and a very warm hand for brand spanking – Pablo Heirro. These sexy, buff and bearded lads are absolutely rampant – mid 20s is a randy age and these studs are brimming over with testosterone and jizz and there's only 1 place we wanna see that jizz going ( well maybe 2 places, possibly 3..) Pablo's arse is squeaky clean, showed, licked and sucked into pristine fuckability. Thomas can't wait to get up there and sort this stud out. He bends his sub boy over and is in like Flynn pounding that bare back hole as Pablo's big, floppy, uncut dick bobs about , just imagine how tight that spit lubed fuck-chute feels around Thomas' girthy, veiny tool!

Date: March 20, 2020

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