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Butch Dixon – Thomas Thunder and Baby Joel


Its hot hot hot in Southern Spain and our oversexed and overly hung ( just look at Thomas' jeans – they're obscene!) have no where to go for some nasty sleazy fuck fun. So they take the party outside. Its blazing sunshine as Joel rubs that package into rigid life, he can feel the girth through the denim and though this little cum dump has been round the block, he know he's in for a rough, raw ride. He whips down his daddy's tight jeans ( more rolled than whipped they are tight and figure hugging – everything hugging) and Joel is on his knees where he belongs sucking and nibbling and tonguing that beauty until Thomas can hold back no longer – he turns his cutie around and slides that meat right up, right up and raw into his fuck-chute. Daddy rides that hole like a pro until he's pulling out and squirting all over those sweet peaches!

Date: March 21, 2020

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