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Butch Dixon – Tomas Graziano and Valentino Sistor


Happy New Year everyone. There's no tinsel and holly here we're straight down into the darkest reaches of our favourite sex cellar with two stunning newbies, yum, we all luv a new slab of pure beef, welcome to Tomas Graziano and Valentino Sistor. These burly, bearded , bareback buggers are going at it like pistons, no condoms – just raw, masculine testosterone, lust filled fuckery. Just look at those magnificent hot rods, all uncut and thick as you could ever want, there's gonna be some arse stretching and we'll be in there in the steaming dug of sex, getting down and dirty and right into then action to catch every drop for your viewing pleasure. Its gonna be a splattery 2020 and we'll make sure its coming to you in high rez 2020 vision. HAPPY NEW YEAR GENTS!

Date: March 20, 2020

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