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Pride Studios – Jock For A Jock


It’s party time after the big game tonight but at the last minute Toby’s coach calls him about his poor grades and tells him to shape up or he won’t be part of the team anymore. Toby isn’t happy but it gets worse when the coach wants him to stay and clean up the gym as punishment for poor grades. Toby is pissed but he starts to clean up the gym and then he realizes that this might not be too bad. As he is cleaning he gets the urge to smell a jockstrap and he begins to rub it all over his face and entire body. Soon enough this sexy jock has the jockstrap wrapped around his hard cock stroking and tugging his way to the finish. The gym is a disaster but it doesn’t stop Toby from lying down on the bench or from bending over to show his sweet tender hole. The smell from the sweaty jockstrap has changed his perspective and now he wants to clean the gym as much as he can.


Date: February 28, 2014
Actors: Toby Springs

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