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Pride Studios – Up for the Challenge


Mike really wants to be a part of the CJB Fraternity and Jonathan is trying to see if he has the balls to become part of this elite club. As they walk in Steve is the first to start the hazing while his counterpart Leo agrees with everything he says. Steve has always been a bully but now he gets to tell Mike exactly what to do. All the college boys start poking fun at him and lots of name calling to show him who is in control. Steve, ready to see if Mike will go all the way, tells him that he has to strip down naked and get on his knees to blow everyone in the room. Mike who looks timid and very worried nods his head in agreement and begins to suck each cock and while stroking the other dicks that are nearby. The boys never stop calling him names and they make sure to tell him how to suck on their cocks just right. They all have big thick dicks and Mike who is quiet as a mouse takes one cock at a time showing just how good of a club member he really is. Mike goes the extra mile and lets all the sexy studs blast hot cum all down his chest and the side of his face. The price you have to pay to become an elite member of the CJB Fraternity.


Date: August 7, 2014

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