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CockyBoys – Arnaud Chagall gets Plowed by David Corey


Arnaud Chagall has been keeping busy since the release of his
star-making film The Haunting (recently earning 9 Grabby
nominations!), but now he's back this week with David Corey — a
fellow French-Canadian who's just starting out his career.

Arnaud has always been on the modest side, but that makes him all
the more sexy when he's getting fucked! David knew he wanted his
first scene to be with Arnaud just by looking at a picture of him, so he was definitely worked up before they finally met. They're both about the same height, have long uncut cocks, and have big muscles for an equal amount of manhandling. David especially loves rimming, though, and Arnaud in turn loved spreading his legs for him.

David gently started pounding Arnaud on the couch before things
heated up and they moved to the floor. From the sounds Arnaud was
making, David made the perfect bigger spoon! But it was back to the couch for the grand finale, where they both shot perfect loads all over Arnaud's firm torso.

Date: March 10, 2014

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