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Pride Studios – Beach Buddies Part 1


Vadim, Javier & Luke are all standing around with their beach/surf gear and it is apparent that Luke is bored and annoyed waiting for Vadim Black to get off his phone. Vadim tells Luke and Javier Cruz to go to the beach and meet up with Troy and he will join them later. Javier says he will wait for Vadim and with that Luke leaves. Javier asks Vadim why he is so upset and as he is talking to him, he starts massaging Vadim’s shoulders. This of course leads into sexual tension between them and soon Vadim has a raging hard cock and Javier is on his knees sucking him. Vadim then sucks Javier for a while before lying on his back and Javier rides his cock. Vadim fucks Javier from behind and then flips him on his back and continues to fucks Javier until Javier explodes with cum. Vadim pulls out, throws his condom on the floor and cums all over Javier. Both then grab their stuff and head out to meet the other guys.

Date: May 27, 2019

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