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Pride Studios – Beach Day


Nate Long and Tom Bentley are walking along the road at the beach when they stop and decide to walk down by the ocean on the beach. Once there, they decide to go into the water to cool off a little bit and splash each other with some water. Once they are out of the ocean and relaxing on the beach, they decide to go back to Tom’s place for some more fun. Once inside they start making out and soon their swim trunks are on the floor and both are stroking each other’s hard cocks. Nate starts by sucking Tom’s big cock 1st and then Tom sucks Nate’s huge cock. Tom then rims Nate’s ass before fucking him Doggy style. Nate then rides Tom’s cock for a while. Nate then fucks Tom’s ass doggy style and then Tom rides Nates cock until he shoots his load with Nate’s big cock deep in his ass. Nate then shoots all over Tom.Enjoy!

Date: October 29, 2018

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