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Pride Studios – An Extra Large View


Trent is bathroom hunting and has been on a mission almost all day looking for the exact stall that will fit his needs. He opens the stall up and he accidentally walks in on Matt who has his fat cock out waiting for an unexpected patron. Trent excuses himself for the interruption but Matt quickly tells him to suck on his cock and he pushes Trent down on his knees so he cannot escape. Once on his knees the cock is deep inside his mouth and Matt is extremely excited that he finally can face fuck a real mouth. Matt wants that ass real bad but Trent just isn’t willing to give it up so instead he pushes Trent up against the stall wall and spreads them sexy buns and starts to finger his tight tasty hole. Becoming more horned up Trent bends Matt over the toilet so he too can lick and finger his sexy tanned ass. They both go back and forth finger fucking each other and sucking cocks in the bathroom stall. Lucky for them they never get bothered and they both unleash massive loads all over their smooth sexy chests.


Date: June 25, 2014

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