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Pride Studios – Home Alone


The very hot Jacques LaVere is chilling with his caffeine and dirty magazine when his roommate Sean Duran enters the room, interrupting his jerkoff session.Sean’s eyes say lots about his appetites and in no time he eagerly offers a helping hand. Jacques LaVere and Sean Duran are so eager to get at each other that there is no time for kisses and even their clothes stay on!  Sean goes down on Jacques, filling his starving mouth with Jacques’ huge dick. Sean will get more than a mouthful in this scene. Prepare yourself: Sean’s hungry mouth gets down to seriously servicing and worshiping Jacques’ huge cock as these two studs finally get naked for some cock-on-cock rubbing and mutual jerking. When Sean willingly offers his ass for Jacques to use, Sean plays with his dick while Jacques slides his cock in and out of Sean’s tight ass and pounds him hard from behind. They keep it hot and dirty by changing positions – Sean sitting on Jacques with his legs spread, and Jacques underneath fucking him nice and deep. Sean loves it and keeps on begging for more, jerking his cock and cumming all over while Jacques fucks his ass really hard, pounding him off.  Jacques pulls out, working his own cock before shooting his load all over Sean!

Date: December 26, 2012

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