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Pride Studios – Useless Banana


Sam is really horny and he’s waiting for Trevor to come back so they can play with his banana but when Trevor comes back he has a banana sticking out of his pants and Sam doesn’t think it’s funny one bit! So he throws the useless banana out of the way and pulls out the real fruit that craves much needed attention. Sam has a huge thick cock and Trevor is patiently waiting for the moment when Sam is ready to squeeze it in his tight small ass. They both passionately start to play rubbing and touching all over. The intimacy of kissing the tip of the cock slowly and intensely is Trevor’s specialty and eventually Sam is ready to fuck. Once that thick beast is deep inside he takes his time with slow planned out pumps moving his hips precisely. Trevor is a great bottom and indeed he never thought anyone could make him cum while he was being fucked but behold we have a winner.


Date: March 19, 2014

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