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Come And Get It, Scene #03


This exchange skips all formalities. Lean Ty Roderick and black-haired Adam Avery are lost in feverish kissing and groping on the den’s black leather sofa. Adam clasps his lips onto Ty’s throat-choker. Sheesh, it’s as big and fat and long as you might think possible. Adam swallows all of it with mad, zealous skill, and Ty’s glad to return the favor, deep throating his buddy’s bloated cock. He licks Adam’s shiny ass into submission before driving his mammoth ass-stretcher in deep. The guys grapple together in a fuck frenzy. The size of Ty’s cock drives Adam insensible, but his tight hole keeps a strangle hold on Ty’s cock. There’s pulverizing pummeling on the sofa, and then Ty lies on the floor so Adam can straddle his rock hard humper. While Ty savages his hole, Adam flails at his reddened meat, and both their loads volcanically erupt.

Date: August 7, 2013

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