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Fahrenheit, Scene #05


Relaxing poolside, Trent Atkins is pleasantly surprised when Trey Turner swims over to him. The two kiss as Trey’s hand rubs his buddy’s smooth chest and torso. He stops and rests on Trent’s crotch, then reaches inside his trunks to free his swollen cock and suck it. He nurses on the thick love muscle, juicing it up with spit so his lips can glide up and down the shaft easily. Then Trent begins to service Trey, who coos with pleasure with every juicy slurp. Trent gets down on all fours offering his pale butt cheeks to Trey, who’s so excited that he can’t wait to rim and tongue fuck his asshole. Trey saturates the hole with his saliva then climbs up and mounts Trent to fuck him doggie-style. The guys reposition themselves with Trent on his back and Trey charging his man hole with non-stop thrusts. Trey pulls out and the two jacked-up jocks jerk themselves off until they finally spray their spooge all over Trent’s stomach.

Date: March 16, 2012

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