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Madrid Sexy, Scene #02


Valentino Porto and Alex Marte are walking through the city streets arm in arm, smiling andstopping here and there to kiss. Alex is a head taller, barrel-chested, bearded, hairy andinked. Valentino is his opposite: slimmer, smooth and clean-shaven down to his pubes. Ifyou’re thinking daddy-boy, you’re right. But Valentino brings something extra to therelationship: a tongue so talented, he should give lessons. Whether tracing Alex’s lips,flicking a nipple, or wrapping around Alex’s cock like a flag around a pole, Valentino’stongue will make you pant. Alex uses his tongue, too, but for a more businesslike probing ofValentino’s hole. There’s no word for the strangled, gurgling sound Alex makes when histongue is buried in Valentino’s hole and Valentino’s buns are clamped around his face. WithValentino’s bubble-buns primed for cock, the fucking commences, on a sunny balcony.Daddy takes every opportunity to show his boy how much he likes him, rubbing his backand stroking his neck as Valentino squirms in delight and sucks daddy’s fingers, putting hismagical tongue to yet another use. Its final job is to lap up the thick spooge that Alex leavesplastered all over his face.

Date: February 8, 2013

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